Sunday, June 17, 2012

Squatter's Rights

Every Saturday night about 9:00 I suddenly sit up straight and think, "geez, it's Saturday night about 9:00! I better scan and prepare the next Pogo Sunday", which takes between 60 and 90 minutes to scan and 'process' — getting rid of major bleed through, major yellowing, making color corrections, etc, etc — whether I feel like it or not.

Why do I do it? Cuz then I can wish you Happy Sunday, Kelly Sunday!

September 15, 1963


  1. Now I know why I keep tossing in my bed at about the time you allude to *): Its my bad conscience: There you slave away for your Kellyphyle masters while we never even think of you. Our's is a thankless world...
    THANK YOU, Tom Buchanan

    *) taking into account the time difference

  2. 60-90 minutes? Yipe! Thanks so much for spending so much time on this blog. It's a regular stop for me and a site I linger over.

  3. Thanks, Hun, Mike, Jeff. I wasn't meaning to be pitiable, but I do appreciate your appreciation!

  4. Happy Fathers Day--and Pogo is like dessert--charlie

  5. Oog! is right!
    Guess I never thought about the time you put in to make every seven days Pogo à la Sundae.
    You must know you have our appreciation, but too many of us (I'm lookin' at me) have been laxadaisycal in expressing our thanks.
    So...Much Thanks Thomas!
    By the way, I have really been enjoying these 1963 Summer Sundays you've been putting up here, and today's was great. Two Kelly trees in the title panel, Albert leaning on the panel border, and gags all the way through.

  6. And the effort is VERY much appreciated! This is a beautiful addition to this fun arc. I always enjoy instances where a character just HAPPENS to be wandering by in the proper costume (Beauregard as a cop) at just the right moment. It gives a wonderful "staged" feeling to the proceedings, like a Vaudeville sketch (which was obviously a big influence of Kelly's).

  7. Thanks a lot Thomas! Your scans and your restauration are beautiful. That's the presentation that Kelly's art truly deserves. That's just wonderful.