Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Dream Perceptor

Starting a new Sunday arc here, from toward the end of Kelly's marathon run, with things getting a little fantastical.

Snbts, indeed. Happy Sunday, Kelly Sunday.

December 5, 1971


  1. Hun says:
    Maybe they will have to pull in Racketycoon Chile to interpret?
    Incidentally, just wondering: Is it common knowledge in the Whirled-community that there is a short animation (24 minutes in 3 parts) called "The Pogo Special Birthday Special" on Youtube, to which Grand Master Kelly himself lent his voice?
    Long Live Kelly!
    Thank you, Thomas!

  2. Hi, I just got a whole load of 1967/69 tabloids with Pogo in them. Any from that period you are missing?

  3. Hi Ger. Wow. How neat is that! I have a lot of those, but let me check to see what holes I might have. I'll get back to you soon. Thanks!