Sunday, July 8, 2012

Enough to Make a Man Sick

Kelly was part of the ecology movement at this point, somewhat along the line of 'We have met the enemy' sentiment. Kelly was indeed feeling ill at this time.

Greetings to Germany, via Wiesbaden.

May 9, 1971


  1. I am heavy into recycling & environment--my 3rd prius is a plug in--so this really hits the subject--charlie

  2. Hun says:
    Albert doing his best to act like a human being...
    greetings from Bonn (in US scales right next door to Wiesbaden; 130 km - too lazy to convert to miles)

  3. Hi Hun! I tried doing a search to see the connection between Ms. Guenther from Wiesbaden and Kelly. There are many Jeanne Guenthers out in the current world, but nothing connecting. I tried U.S.A.L., as well. Hmm.

    1. hi, Thom!
      Wouldn't it be nice to make the aquaintance of the Belle of Wiesbaden'71. If Walt K. was not a cradle snatcher, J.E.G. by now ought to be a very nice-looking matron, whose memories of Kelly actually might be of interest to other Kellyphiles. One of Kelly's children just might remember something.
      Kelly's boat names could make a good topic for a doctoral thesis ...

  4. And to think I live less than 20 miles away from Wiesbaden...
    Even have to go there next Friday... and it'll even be Friday the 13th... Even on a plain normal boring standard calendar!
    Think about that.