Sunday, July 29, 2012

Get in There an' Fight for Peace!

Good morning Whirled! Good morning across the Atlantic!
What's a Sunday without Kelly?

Just look at this strip. Let's think of all the other strips around it in my paper in 1971. Hi and Lois, Nancy, Kerry Drake, Circus of PT Bimbo, Tumbleweeds, Abbie & Slats, Peanuts, Alley Oop, Li'l Abner, Archie. All those strips were fun in their own way, but Pogo was 100% unique—the way it was drawn, the characters, the color, the storyline, the dialogue. No wonder I clipped and saved Pogo and let all the others dissipate.

December 19, 1971

1 comment:

  1. Hun (whining and complaining):
    A what without Kelly?
    Thom, you may be a nice guy, but please do not use those 3 words in sequence again!
    If you had spoken them, a certain amount of soap might have been in order...
    What a horrible non-idea!