Sunday, August 5, 2012

Grundoon's Busy Little Brain

The Sunday strip published prior to this strip was a Christmas stand-alone, and was posted by me quite some time ago. This strip takes up the story from we left off "for the duration". In other words, we ain't really skipped anything.

This go-round seems a bit more fanciful than some of the other hum-drummy strips, with Grundoon taking on this nefarious critter in a way reminiscent of Peter Wheat, with swordplay we hadn't seen Kelly showcase in years. Kelly may have been on meds at this point and mebbee they spiced up his imagination. Whatever, it's a nice change of pace. It was also nice to have Churchy's hat throw in another bit of color accent.

January 2, 1972


  1. they don't get any better than this--charlie

  2. In this day & age of cable channels, Grundoon probably WOULD rate his own network... the only one with permanent closed captioning, no less.