Sunday, September 30, 2012

Rowrbazzle to Freshen the Mind

Woosh, you don't know how close it came to not having a Sunday strip waiting for you on this Sunday morn. I've got a horrible deadline with multiple illustrations and cartoons that have to be done by Sunday evening and fired off to the client by internet express. But I couldn't leave you Pogo-holics in the lurch, so I sped through the scan and cleanup just so's you can have a happy Sunday, Kelly Sunday!

March 28, 1971


  1. Love you for this,
    and wishing you a peaceful Sunday, Thom!


  2. Thanks, Hun, I knew you'd appreciate it.

    And you too, Charlie!

    And Eric!

    And Chris!

    Who am I leaving out?

  3. thanks Thom--this is a great way to start the day & week--charlie

  4. Thanks for your hard work every week, Thom! You're a gennleman an' a squaller.