Sunday, June 23, 2013

Copied Right

We all come here to this site to revel in the work of Mr. Walt Kelly, but for the nonce, let's sidestep to the work of the one guy who could've ghosted for Kelly, if he really had wanted to. I'm talking of course about Mr. Wally Wood, who parodied Pogo (and other comic strips) almost flawlessly a number of times. I think he purposely left a few flaws in the drawing just to help us see the parody at work.

If we're going to end up eventually posting on this site everything that Kelly ever drew, I think we should also include everything ever done in homage to Kelly and Pogo. So thanks to StripeCAT, one of our good friends-in-Kelly for sending over the scan.

This parody, published in '59, is from Mad magazine, of course, from a section they called "The End of Comics" and shows how a few well known comics would look if all comics were to be dropped from all newspapers.


  1. Hello

    It really looks great. Good work, Thom.

    Funny note: Wally Wood included Walt Kelly himself in the rightmost panel. He is in the middle of the panel above Churchy.


  2. Now, why di'nt I notice that earlier? That's him alright! Yay!

  3. Thom,
    I believe there exists also another Mad-spoof,
    titled something like "If comic strip figures behaved like real animals", drawn by Wally Wood, in which an Albert-looking alligator snaps up and swallows a Pogo-look-alike possum.

    Anyone remember this?


  4. Oh yes, Hun. That's why I referred to Wood parodying Pogo a number of times, 'cuz he did, and what you refer to is one of 'em. Wood was darn good at working Kelly's style. One time, that I recall, it truly was flawless. Sooner or later all those will show up here, along with nearly everything that Kelly has ever created.

  5. Just great, Thomas, as usual. Posted a link to my blog this morning. Thanks for doing the work you do on this here blog. It's "Jes' Fine!"