Sunday, June 9, 2013

Young Yippee Yaps

I had a little time to scan up yet another Sunday strip to help fell in the blanks in all our collections, little by little.

November 2, 1969

Of course 1969 was a critical point in the conflict between young boomer rebels and the elder 'great society' establishment. It seems amazing that today, those very boomer rebels are now the stolid establishment and ready to be pushed aside by their now middle-aged children. 


  1. ...this would then be called a "bow-merang".
    (Ouch, could not avoid it) Actually no worse than some of the puns Kelly committed on his readers during his career.

    Thanks for making my REAL Sunday, Thom!



  2. Albert Alligator: a shining example of both aptitude and patience. The previous sentence will never be said by anyone, anywhere. :)

    I always seen those characters as concepts more than anything. Albert is concept of acting on emotion with bravado and without a clue as to what you're doing. Hmmm... Then again, maybe I'm wrong here. That description seems to fit most of the characters. :)