Saturday, June 29, 2013

"The friends I have are the best in all the world!"

Hi guys! This is a Sweet Saturday post of some guy's work that has ripped off Walt Kelly's style, for a children's book no less! I tell you me, what some people won't do!

I . . . what? What's that? You mean? Oh. Oh. Well. That's completely different . . . never mind . . .

It seems that this lovely children's book work IS by Walt Kelly, using the pseudonym Tony Maclay.

Foolishness aside here, I've been searching used bookstores for years for this legendary side-step by Kelly. Never did find it. I saw a few black and white reproductions in fanzines and thought I'd never ever have the chance to see the book in color.  Well, that's where Whirled of Kelly was one of the best obsessions I've ever taken on, because thanks to it, I (and you) have friends-in-Kelly who are willing to share their rare Kelly items, such as "The Downy Duck" by Tony Maclay (psst, Walt Kelly).

Thank you and many handshakes to Richard Davidson, he of great Kelly knowledge, who has been sending over some lovely items, of which this is one. I did a few color edits, but these are really nice scans. Everyone, shake hands with Richard and convey your thanks!

Happy Sweet Saturday!

 Walt Kelly as Tony Maclay — The Downy Duck — 1946


  1. Interesting, there seems to be another book by a "Tony Mclay": Trouble on the ark; by Tony Maclay (1945). Could this be another book graced by Kellys artwork or is it an error on Amazon's behalf?


  2. Ahh... I found the answer to my own question: here you go!


  3. looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, is NOT the mail-/male-man and yet is a Real Walt Kelly hiding under an alias...
    Amazing how he did all that he did.