Sunday, April 6, 2014

Cheerful Charlies is Allus Ready

I think a lot of general readers of the time would have no idea what was going on here or what the dialogue was all about, sort of like how it was in Krazy Kat's day. 

Still a lot of bleed-through from the other side that cleaned up pretty well. The colorizing was a bit dull other than a sudden red panel.

June 15, 1969


  1. a nice mixture between Krazy Kat (without Offisa Pup) and MAD (anyone still remember that acronym we crazy cats used for Mutual Assured Destruction then?)
    No fallout in this strip yet...
    Thanks for this arc, Thom!

  2. Hi Hun!
    Oh, I remember MAD from a mad time, a pretty complex set of scenarios.

    Kelly certainly took a less obvious way of playing off the Krazy Kat scenario. Many times Kelly had Beauregard wear his keystone kop outfit, but not here where he could have been mimicking Offisa Pup. And Kelly's Kat was not all that Krazy.


  3. Obviously, Kelly couldn't use the actual Krazy Kat design for legal reasons. His solution of making the cat hyper-realistic, in direct contrast to Herriman's surreal style, is Kelly at his idiosyncratic best. It doesn't quite make sense in any way that you could articulate...but it's hysterically funny.


  4. These don't come around too often, but it's nice when they do:

    Interestingly one of the commentators brings up Krazy Kat, so it might be coincidence or it's someone who is reading this blog.

    - (A)