Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Bright Knight

Hi folks! I've been trying for several days to post on this blog, but I was locked out for some technical snafu. But I'm back on, thanks to my daughter's dexterity!

Another example here of Doyle and Sternecky's run of Pogo, this from the time that comic book artist and writer Frank Miller had hyped up the Batman mythos with The Dark Knight dark and gritty tales.

At first, one might think, oh geez this is so un-Kelly, but Kelly HAD done similar parodies in the Simon & Schuster books, and this strip is funny, and who's to say if Kelly wouldn't have done something like this if he had survived into the '80s...maybe even the dedication to Batman's daddy Bob Kane on the side of the boat.

July 16, 1989

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