Monday, May 3, 2010

Further Adventures of Peter Wheat

The Adventures of Peter Wheat was an intriguing portal into Kelly's Whirled. I know it's the geek in me, but I imagine that these adventures take place in a winter wheatfield just upriver from the Okefenokee. These bugs are the more adventurous kin to those in the swamp, but you might imagine they are cousins and that Bumbazine may have met Peter Wheat somewhere along the way.

Well anyway, finding these adventures in print is an arduous task, as they are fairly rare and collected mostly by the most dedicated Kelly fans (later issues were drawn by Al Hubbard, who also drew adventures of Mary Jane and Sniffles). One of the most dedicated of the dedicated fans is OtherEric, who is on a quest to archive all of Peter's adventures.

This #10 issue was hard to come by, and even then was in terrible shape—heavily stained and brittle. But OtherEric and Yoc, both basing their operations at the newly and nicely organized Digital Comic Museum, worked digitally to restore the loveliness to Kelly's art. I did a little more cleaning up, and OtherEric once again is generously allowing me to premier the results here, before posting at (which, believe me, is worth your time to join)—an incredible resource, as stated by one of our commenters.

A word of warning: the last two pages were missing from this copy, so the story is interrupted, but OtherEric tracked down a very low resolution scan of the last page and dropped in some readable text so that you can get a sense of (*SPOILER*) the happy ending. And I think you can figure out what happened on the page before that.

I'm told we will be receiving more rare Peter Wheat stuff in the future. We posted one of Peter's adventures at Christmas time and didn't receive even ONE comment. I'm hoping some of you will take time to thank OtherEric for his erstwhile quest for these lovely chapters from The Whirled of Kelly.


  1. The Digital Comic Museum is an incredible resource. So many gems made available by so many nice folks and their hard work!

  2. My many thanks to OtherEric for pointing me at Peter Wheat and this very cool blog!

    Long live Kelly!
    Admin, DCM

  3. Hey Yoc, thanx for all your hard work to keep the old comix alive for the ages.

    Long live Kelly, indeed!