Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Our Retread Prince, Jack Acid

I would be remiss to not follow the last post on The Prince of Pompadoodle with this Pompadoodlish fairy tale. The drawing of the castle/fortress is delicious and the next to last page is tasty as well. Well, the whole tale is a buffet of delight, all about communists and fascists and nazis, oh, and chimps. If only I understood it.


  1. I don't know if I even got it the first time I saw the story- this was in the first Pogo book I ever read. (The library had the omnibus with Jack Acid, Instant Pogo, and Poop Book.) But for a long time now my favorite line in this one has been "Don't defenestrate him! Throw him out the window!" That says so much about the character while being funny as heck. It's so easy to be amazed by Kelly's art that we forget just how brilliant a writer he was as well.

  2. quite different from the material we usually read. but it is Kelley---charlie