Monday, May 31, 2010

Near the Wheat Field at the Edge of the Wood

With thanks again to OtherEric of the Digital Comic Museum, we present Walt Kelly's The Adventures of Peter Wheat #2:


  1. It just can not get much better than this--
    I turned 90 years last April--I was a Corporal in Air Force--82nd Fighter Group, 96th Fighter Squadron-My plane had 4 victories. I was in armament on P-38s-Africa & Italy I was on the Queen Mary troopship when we hit & sank another British warship--I was at the rail & saw most of it-over 300 lives lost.We did not stop but continued to N. Ireland ---charlie

  2. charlie--I am so glad to get this information about you. I've wondered about who you are. What you've been through is amazing. Please share more about yourself--you can email me if you don't want it public, but I'm sincerely interested in your life story.