Sunday, August 1, 2010

Lormee Lov a Duck!

1965 was a pretty good year for searching out and collecting all sorts of pictorial ephemera. But a treasure that I didn't have to go looking for would come to my door, on its own, every day of the week.

That of course was the comic section of the paper, and most specifically the Pogo strip. The summer of '65 was an idyllic time for me. REALly needing a rest from school, it seemed like one of the longest summers of my life, daily escaping into my flights of imagination. Reading each of the daily Pogo strips was only momentary, but all these years later, as I look at the strips from that summer, I can recall the weather, the sounds, the dreaminess of those days.

In honor of that, and riding with the coincidence that the calendar of that year is the same as this year, starting today I'm going to post Pogo on a daily basis, Sundays and dailies—for a while at least, maybe into October. Gulp—that's going to be a lot of work. I beg your patience though, if I'm sick or have a sickening deadline, or I'm out of town, or have some emergency. If I miss a day, I will make good for it. And I haven't even checked to see if I'm missing any of those strips to begin with, but I've got most of em for sure.

AND, never fear, I will ALSO be posting other great Kelly stuff along the way, such as more Peter Wheats, and other non-Pogo material. But every day, for a while, you'll be able to toon into a new strip. It's not quite as much fun as having it show up in newsprint and ink, but try to enjoy it anyway.

And please leave a comment here or there. I need to know if anybody IS enjoying it.


  1. Bill in Paducah8/1/10, 6:48 AM

    You'ree in my daily rotation - this is gonna be great!

  2. Yay, some enthusiasm!

    I'm going to try for morning posts, but not at the crack of dawn, especially in Paducah. For you in the east, no later than noon . . .ish.

  3. Woo hoo! More daily Pogo fun? Can't wait! Thank thank you thank you thank you thank you!

  4. Thomas, I'll be here every day... have been since Pogo In Pandemonia! You've provided one of the consistent delights in my life, which is no small thing.
    Of course I come for Kelly and Pogo, but also very much for your comments, coming as they do from a deep, long standing appreciation for one of our national treasures, talents.
    I'm a regular at your Pictorial Arts Blog, as well... I'm very much simpatico with your artistic sensibilities.
    Thanks for the admirably generous spirit that drives you to share your delights... it's appreciated more than my words can express!

  5. Ted, your comment is music to my ears. That really keeps me motivated.

    And Glen, your comment is truly appreciated. It means a lot to me.

    What a great bunch of people all you Kelly guys are.

  6. I discovered your site a few months ago and visit regularly. At this time in 1965, I was nine and poring over Pogo, which had just recently started to make sense to me, in Long Island's Newsday. In my early teens, I acquired almost all the books and pretty much memorized them through repeated readings. Thanks for bringing Pogo back into my daily life.

  7. >>And please leave a comment here or there. I need to know if anybody IS enjoying it.

    "Enjoying?" Too mild a word. I've been thrilled by the pages on the site, and deeply grateful to see this (previously?) uncollected work.

    Thank you!

    Mark dq405

  8. Are you kidding?! I wait with anticipation for each posting. Puh-leaze keep posting, woncha?

  9. Hey y'all, thank you for the enthusiasms. I will keep posting, you betcha. Comments from the Pogo Gallery keeps me motivated.