Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ain't No Pied, Dagnab, Piper

Bugs are always the first to turn on you, but all the others ain't far behind.

Another rememberminder that tomorrow is the end of this particular daily regiments. I think some of you will be sad of that, others are feeling it's 'bout time. I've got mixed emotions, cuz I love seein' these strips assembled like this, but phew, it's a lot of work assembling the strips like this.

After tomorrow, I'm taking a few days off (from posting—not from work). But I'll be back on Sunday and then maybe we can do some confabulatin'.

But there's still tomorrow. Come back then!


  1. Just wanna say THANX whatever you decide. This daily madness is so refreshin'. Makes our govermunt look intelligent

  2. It dawns on me that the only daily strips anymore are "Zippy the Pinhead" links I get on Facebook and these Pogo posts of yours.

    Don't stay away too long...I need my fix.