Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Biggerest Idea

Welcome back to Sunday, Kelly Sunday. This Sunday strip appeared for the first time forty-five years ago today, and today might only be the next time for it to appear since then . . . and THAT's sayin' somethin'.

'Put a Tiger in Your Tank' was a slogan building popularity since 1959. 'Put a 'Possum in Your Hearse' appeared to stay right here on this strip. Gee, with a little work it might have taken off.

Well, anyway, for a couple of weeks I think I'm going to have to keep posts minimal, thanks to heavy deadlines. You can count on a Sunday strip every week, and I'll fill in some Kelly stuff here and there. In a couple weeks I'll rethink where to go from here. Keep comin' back though, there'll be some great stuff ahead.

1 comment:

  1. I never get tired of Kelly's characters. They seem to come effortlessly full born, with his never having to think about what a particular animal should look like, or the perspective needed between two as far seperated as a possum and an elephant.

    I'm conviced his head was full of them all already, just waiting to take the stage.