Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Hung-Ree Boy Without Any Foo


  1. Tom,

    Was the "Foo" reference a nod to Bill Holman's SMOKEY STOVER? Or was Kelly just hard up for a rhyme?


  2. Chris, I tend to think Kelly just went for the rhyme joke, but you never know.

    If Holman had retired that year, or won an award or some such, I could see Kelly giving a nod. But Holman retired the strip in '73 (38 years—wow), and awards . . . I dunno, I'm too lazy to dig into the NCS files to see any mention of him in that year. But Kelly certainly would have been familiar with foo fighting and all other uses, and he and Stover may well have been friends.

    Good snag on that possibility!