Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I Go Pogo

Well, I had hoped for a larger consensus of opinion, but those of you who commented are passionate in your need for more Kelly and especially for the denizens of the Okefenokee, and have spoken up for what I'm assuming is a silent majority.

Many thanks to those who weighed in, and it seems that all are of the unanimous opinion expressed here:

. . . and so (yay)
we shall continue on our merry way
with the
Whirled of Kelly!

Below is a beautiful wallpaper creation by an early and steadfast friend of this blog, Jim Engel. He created a couple of others that I'll post sometime in January. Thanks Jim!

Onward to a new year!


  1. Thanks for whirling the Kelly - i've been enjoying it!

  2. ehi! me too I go Pogo.
    And happy new year!!!11

  3. Thank you and happy new year.

    All the best

  4. Tom,

    Thanks for deciding to continue on, and Happy New Year!


  5. I vote for the Bunny Strips! Thanks for posting all this Kelly!