Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Bonafide Steal

From week to week, my newspaper would change formats on all the comics. You'd never know whether it'd be tabloid, 3 tier, or sometimes 2 tier, knocking off the whole top row. With this format, at least you got an extra panel than otherwise. In this case the one of Beauregard and Miggle striding along.

Color notes:

Now the brown of Howland and Beauregard is washed out.

Churchy is green again, but a different shade than all his years before.

Blue and green are dominant, not very harmoniously.

But, you know, everythin' startin' to come back to normalcy of sorts.


  1. What an amazing Sunday page. It's just jam packed with Kelly humor both visual and word play. I would love to see the original uncolored line art for this page. This is a great example of the non-political whimsical Kelly. The kick the tires gag was telegraphed and delivered perfectly. And the slightly adult oriented blonde or brunette? line just slipped in to give dad a smile as he read the strip to the kids. What a treasure this entire arc represents. As always thanks for sharing it.

  2. very funny--and yes the colors are better--I have been wondering what may be on the backside of these--charlie

  3. Hi charlie!

    Sometimes advertising, sometimes Captain Easy, and every once in a while Alley Oop (which is where I get a few from to post on Pictorial Arts). On the older Pogo strips, from the 60s, the backsides are almost always Archie by Bob Montana.

  4. Hey J.P.—thanks for your analysis. Much appreciated.

  5. I love the next to the last panel where the cow is winding up to deliver. We knew this was coming ever since Beauregard said he was an expert and prepared to kick the "tires", so the suspense had a couple panels in between to build nicely. And although the cow is in an impossible posture, Kelly seems to have drawn that posture correctly. And I love how the two story lines finally merge in the last panel.