Friday, February 4, 2011

Cook Them Trolls!

This is a really pretty strip, harkening back to Kelly's love of fairy tales. And it's funny too!

Even the color oddities aren't too distracting. I think by now you can start to see that this wasn't color-blindness at work as much as color-forgetfulness.

Color notes:

Owl is starting to come back to normal, but the values of his colors are off.

Churchy is no longer two-toned, but now the same color as owl.

For once, the yellow is rather effective, contrasting well with the other colors.

The shoe house is now a different color from the last Sunday (and art-wise, the opening shot is the only one that shows it nearly surrounded by water).

That opening shot is such a winner, evoking a sense of distance, let's zoom in on it a bit:


  1. I like the bird sitting on the pogo logo. It tells a story by itself--charlie

  2. I was searching the 'net to see if I could find anything that would bring light to the color situation, and ran across this page at the Antique Toy Museum site, about a quarter way down the page at

    "Very rare 1972 Walt Kelly POGO hand-colored Sunday newspaper art and the color guide to the printer to correctly use the intended colors during publication."

    Note that the colors are striking and seem pretty accurate with the exception of Churchy, who appears to be a light turquoise! Not sure if this is the way it is on the original art or if something occurred along the way when it was scanned.