Sunday, February 20, 2011


Color is coming back to almost normal, but just to keep us aware that something ain't right, Albert is entirely green, when normally he's got a yellow belly-side. And little Alabaster went entirely yellow for one panel. I know color errors sneak into the funnies all the time, but with the recent history of color snafus, I'm still watching it closely.

Love the red birds perched on the logo!

This strip is what I earlier thought would be the end of the current arc. But Kelly's arcs overlap and morph and I realize that I should continue on with another five Sundays. So keep comin' round.


  1. Tom,

    It seemed as though anytime Kelly referenced football, he specifically focused on college football... and most times he mentioned college/school, the focus frequently switched to football.


  2. Thomas,
    Your archiving and sharing Kelly's work is such a wonderful thing. Fortunately he created so many lasting memories and fortunately you are helping to preserve and pass them along to future generations. The posting in original arcs is an added bonus as it allows a closer appreciation of the work as it unfolded originally. It's a labor of love but it never hurts for those of us who are following along to occasionally not only say thanks but also to encourage you to keep on doing it. Kelly in any form is a treat, Kelly in context is a treasure.