Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Football Special

What a fun strip to look at. What a beautiful opening panel. Kelly's vehicles had a character of their own, and the 'Ka-Flang' panel is so believable in its deconstruction.

Color is back to normal and effectively fun, even if Churchy's shade of green is slightly off.


  1. 'Tmight be worth a mention that “Hold her, Newt! He/She/It's X!” (for some action X or state X of imminent action) is old slang, warning that control has been lost or is about to be lost, dating at least the mid-'30s, and probably earlier. The “He/She/It” or the action may be purely metaphorical, and the expression is sometimes abbreviated to just “Hold her, Newt!” It probably originated in northeastern America, but spread to Canada and to Britain, and presumably at least as far south as Okefenokee.

  2. Thank you for doing this. On a Sunday where my local paper managed to shrink Prince Valiant down to illegiblity, I needed to be reminded the wonder of the sunday comics page.

  3. I am still gigling this is really good. -charlie

  4. Tom,

    Always wondered where they got the gas to POWER those rickety vehicles...


  5. Swamp gas, Chris, stinky rotten swamp gas.