Saturday, April 13, 2019

Good Ol' Churchy is the Lucky Choice

Yes, Pogo quietly abstains . . .

April 13, 1962


  1. Another one left out of the book; I don't see why. Unless the one (coming up in a few days) where Pogo delivers the bad news to him would read better without Churchy having already overheard the outcome of the meeting?

    "Friday, the real thirteenth" -- Churchy means "The thirteenth, really Friday" (because he frequently talks about Friday the thirteenth coming on some other day of the week, but almost never about it coming on some other day of the month).

  2. By the end of this strip the four at the meeting should all have figured out that Churchy was the mysterious stranger. But did they know that when they took the vote? I'm just a bit puzzled about why nobody voted for Owl to fight the stranger, if they thunk the stranger was really a stranger.