Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Spoilin' for a Fight

April 24, 1962

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  1. Miz Beaver has done this before -- it seems to be a bad habit she's got. In 1951 she thunk a carrier pigeon had promised to marry her, and when he wouldn't she demanded some champion to fight a duel with him to defend her honor and the honor of the swamp. Or was it Ma'm'selle Hepzibah who demanded that? Either way, after Pogo had been picked, and after it was discovered that the pigeon had skup town, Miz Beaver volunteered to take his place in the duel, thus fighting Pogo who was supposed to be defending her.

    This is all explained by Ma'm'selle on Feb. 26, 1951. Houn'dog objects the next day that "It don't make sense!" but Ma'm'selle answers, "Sense! Phaugh! We speak of honair, m'sieur, not sense!"

    Miz Beaver wears a suit of armor to the duel ("Us kin wear what us pleases") and -- but it's all in Fantagraphics vol. 2 and Pogo (S&S 1951) chapter 8 ("Much Adieu About Nothing").