Saturday, April 6, 2019

Mr. Monroe's Theme Song

April 6, 1962


  1. This strip isn't in Deck Us All. I'm confused about the chronology, because the book takes longer to get here, or maybe it follows a plot trajectory that doesn't go through this point at all.

    Beauregard refers to a meeting that he and Porky have just gotten out of. The book takes two days' worth of strips before a meeting even starts, plus four days in the meeting, and then leaving the meeting puts Porky with Pogo, and separately Beauregard with Albert. Also, at the meeting in the book, nobody seems to know that Dawn Quixote is Owl or that the mysterious stranger is Churchy.

    Once in a great while Kelly would substantially rewrite a newspaper sequence for a book. I guess we won't know whether this is a case like that until more strips have been posted.

    Meantime I prob'ly never heard of Vaughn Monroe before seeing this. Porky asks "He ever make it?" but this was 1962 when nobody had made it yet.

  2. I believe Vaughn Monroe's song was actually "Racing WITH the Moon'...something...something...'all too soon'. I would've thought Kelly would reference the song 'Fly Me to the Moon', but who could predict Kelly with foresight OR hindsight?