Thursday, November 12, 2009

Cozy Comfy

Many a long year ago, I was a sickly child (much later I found that Walt Kelly had been too), and spent much time in bed. There were times that I was so out of it that I drifted in and out of consciousness and had a lot of what I would call Fever Dreams. But other times I was well enough to sit up in bed with tea and muffins and COMIX!

I remember an episode where I went from the comix to a fever dream rather rapidly. I had been reading a lot of the original Plastic Man comic books by Jack Cole, and as you might expect, the resulting dreams were rather bizarre.

But more relevant to this post, I always had a handful of Pogo books to keep me company that I read over and over, as they were so comforting to my weary soul. The Pogo Sunday Brunch had this art on the cover and it was so cozy comfy with these guys sittin' up in bed, eatin' samidges and readin' comix.

Later, when I met Kelly (as recounted elsewhere) he held this very book in his hands as he talked to me about fairy tales (I had brought the book with me for him to sign). In the book is a story about Cinderola and the Fore-bears, and he kept thumbing through those pages as he discoursed on the value of 'furry tails'. This book will be with me to my dying day (along with many others of course) as a source of comfort in trying times.

That's the kind of geek I am.

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