Monday, November 23, 2009

Gnot-even, a Mouse

Mouse into Elephant—page 1

Many of you folks have all the Pogo books, and many of you don't, having only some, or none. To the Pogophiles who have them all, yay. To the others, I'd like to share some of Kelly's amazing tales of wonder, stories and fairy tales formatted just for the books.

All these years after my encounter and talk with Kelly, I remember how passionately he spoke of fairy tales as a bridge for the imagination. Over the years he parodied some of the standard fairy tales, but he also created them in outrageous and inventive ways. They could not be easily retold by anyone, as they were pure Kelly.

Circumstances dictate that I post the stories one page at a time, but I will try to post at least two a day. And the file names for each page will be labeled so as to facilitate collating.

This tale is from the Pogo Poop Book, a terrific assemblage of Kelly stories created in and around his Pandemonia era.

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