Thursday, November 26, 2009

We'll Make a Million

Mouse into Elephant—page 10

Send in the elephants. Kelly was really big on elephants during this period of time, bringing them in repeatedly in Pandemonia and the Okefenokee. Kelly's elephants can do anything.


  1. Very cute. I like the elephant struggling to climb the chair.

    I've only got the 11 volumes from Fantagraphics so its great to see this stuff.

    How many of these kinds of comics did he do? This one is great. And all this while still turning out a daily strip! Even with an assistence or two its a hell of an output.

    (and once again Thanks for all these scans!)

  2. This story was one of a half dozen from The Pogo Poop Book, a collection created uniquely for the book. Many of his books had some sort of new and original story, but in the Poop Book he really outdid himself. He was always prolific, but this period of 1966-67 was extremely productive.

    Thanks for commenting!