Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Be Kind to Humans Week


  1. Just found your blog. How? Well, I just obtained a year-old rabbit - found in a parking lot, probably dumped. I decided to keep the little rabbit. Now what do I call her? I keep thinking "Bun Rab, Bun Rab." That's what the bunny was called in Pogo...I keep liking it. I'd forgotten what Bun Rab looked like, so I googled the name, and here I am. And very glad of it! When people forgot about Pogo, the human race went downhill. Now I can relive these wonderful Pogo moments. Thank you. Keep sharing them!

  2. Well, that's the best reason I've heard yet for stumbling into the Whirled of Kelly. Welcome.

    Some of us have never forgotten Pogo or Kelly, and that's the reason I'm here, to help keep the memory alive.