Sunday, February 14, 2010

Priceless Antique Percheron-Plaza Torque-Mada

I love Kelly bugs more'n any other bugs in the whirled.

And take a closer look at that opening shot. Wotta view. And take an even closer look at the birds—they have the face of the little mascot that Pat Oliphant drew into every editorial cartoon that he created. It just so happens that Oliphant tied with Johnny (BC) Hart to win the Cartoonist of the Year award the preceding year.

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  1. Thomas, this is awesome...I have your Pogo blog as an RSS feed and revel in having Pogo back in my life after so many years. And it's great that you include other, historical info and art from Walt Kelly, truly a master.

    I discovered Pogo when I was a kid in the 1960s and had aspirations for being a cartoonist. I wasn’t too familiar with Pogo from the daily strips but was astounded that the local library had a great many of the books—wow, books with filled with comics! And what great comics they were; though the more political aspects went over my head it meshed with my own sense of humor, including some of the more self-conscious aspects (I was a bit fan of Rocky and his Friends with its similar aspect of knowing they were cartoons).

    I also especially enjoyed the special stories Walt would include for these books; one favorite is “Who Killed Cock Robin” (Pogo to Albert: “That’s ‘psalm’”).

    I subscribed to your blog and have shared it with others on my FB page. Maybe Walt should be a subject of PBS’ “American Masters” as Walt Kelly certainly fits that title.

    Thanks again.