Friday, February 26, 2010

President Eisenhower's Plight

Walt Kelly had a love of editorial cartooning, politicizing with them in the late 40s and early 50s. Here, he portrayed President Eisenhower's plight "as that of a school bus driver who has had motor trouble, and while he studies a motor manual, his irresponsible passengers 'help' by indulging in assorted Katzenjammer Kids antics." Senator Joe McCarthy seems to be doing the most damage.

This ran as a (large) full page, commissioned by Life magazine in the 50s.

I can almost imagine those woods back there as being the far northern fringe of the Okefenokee, and ol' mouse hitching a ride on that train, coming in from Baltimore.


  1. In'erestin' that the Vice President, who in a later capacity was to bring such disrepute upon that bus, does not seem to appear at all in this cartoon.

  2. Good point. I wonder what Kelly's reasoning was for that omission.

  3. An incredible "new" piece of art. It's always stunning to see Kelly draw humans. (well, Okay, it's stunning to see him draw anything! But you know what i mean...)
    Thanks for this find and for posting.