Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Fair Young Lad Named Bloommigan

No matter how busy I am, I just can't seem to skip a Sunday without posting a Sunday.

Hrrm. We're getting lots of hits, but hardly any comments. Is anybody out there 'tooning into this stuff? Should I just pack it all up and put it all away? Are y'all Kellyed out?


  1. Good Lord, don't pack it in. It is just WONDERFUL to revisit Pogo. All that too many people know of him today is "We've met the enemy and he is us."

    I GO POGO!!

  2. Well now here's a fan. Thanks for speaking up. Yes, that is the extent of many people's exposure, and as valid as that message is, that's certainly not Kelly's best period. I've got lots more Sundays that are really fun.

    But I dunno. I see some sites where they post one little Kelly thing (sometimes 'borrowed' from me) and it generates all kinds of comments. But here, I come by in the morning and I see a lot of tracks in the snow, lots of folks have nibbled in the garden, but I have no idea what they look like. I want y'all to stay for tea and let's talk about Kelly and his times.

    Thanks again for the hello.

  3. I come here every day for Pogo-I love the Sunday color--keep them coming--charlie

  4. Thomas,
    Thanks for the posts. I stop by your blog every day in hopes of finding something new (to me at least) about Walt Kelly or some exquisite drawing that I had not as yet seen. You never disappoint; even the stuff that I've seen many times before is a delight to see again. I don't have much access to the Sunday strips so they are especially good to see on your blog. Sorry if I haven't commented before; maybe some of us Walt Kelly fans aren't terribly vocal, but I've never met one who wasn't really passionate about the work itself. There is some inner joy that gets stroked just by viewing his pen strokes.
    All the best and thanks again.

  5. Charlie, Mary-Ellen and Mike--Thanks for the support. Great to hear from you. I like what you say about the inner joy by viewing his pen strokes. I've looked at Kelly's work so much over the years that I began to take it for granted, but looking at it close-up, as the scans allow us to do, and the pen and brush strokes take on a new life.

    A lot of Kelly comic book work is showing up all over the 'net, and I'm trying not to duplicate what I've seen. But then I realize that a lot of that stuff is being shown in low to middle-res, and then I still want to post the same stuff as highish-res, just to see those ink strokes.

  6. I wanted to add my thanks as well. I've been a Kelly fan from childhood (won't say when that was) and love what you're doing here. It's such a kick to see the uncollected Sunday strips and be reminded of just how much gold there is for even the most dedicated Pogo fan to re-discover. It bothers me when people call Kelly a great comic strip artist when I think it is fair to call him one of the great comic artists in any form.I would rank him with Thurber, Benchley, and even Twain. BTW, I bought a Pogo watch about twenty years ago, and have now replaced every part of it at least once. Only the dial remains. And I never get tired of looking at Pogo's smiling face when I check the time.

  7. Thanks rowrbazzle. Your name alone shows what a fan you are. You're sharing just the kind of things I'm hoping to hear from Kelly fans.

  8. goshamickledickelpickelgeewillywobblesdogmycatsANDrowrbazzle!

    Don't you everlovin' DARE pack this wonderful site in!

    BTW, want a scan of the (similar to the Bacchus you posted on the other site)centaurettes? I own the artwork.

  9. Hell no! i read daily all of your blogs
    and i still can't get enough
    keep on the good work

  10. ioseph--that's my favorite swear word, using it only on certain auspicious travesties, so I get your point. BTW, what a great thing to own. I'd love to share a good scan!

    Achi-Thanks for your spread out attention. I like your artwork. I think it shares a hint of Kelly's whimsy.

  11. thanks Thomas for your kind words , Kelly is indeed one of my all time favorite cartoonists

    and speaking of Kelly have you heard this online
    interview with Kelly