Monday, February 8, 2010


1952 is one of my favorite years for several reasons, one of which was the flowering beauty of Walt Kelly's art. This is his double page spread from Life Magazine. A very tip top Kelly favorite of all time.

Events of 1952
The 3 Queens in mourning- Queen Elizabeth II, her grandmother, Queen Mary and her mother, Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother at the funeral of King George VI.


  1. And sometimes the things you post leave one speechless.

  2. You missed on HUGE MAJOR event...I was born a year later. ;-)

    But seriously, folks, that double-page spread is priceless. I'm going to post it my FB page as an intro to the cast of characters in Pogo-land. Okeefenokee forever!

  3. If I had a poster of that image I would be the happiest girl around.