Monday, February 8, 2010

Work the Bugs Out

I received the nice email shown below, and I want to ask y'all if anyone else has had trouble with the comments feature. If so, please email me as well, so I can work the bugs out. Thanks Mark!

As a long-time Kelly fan (a reader of the strips in the 1960s, a reader of the books since 1979), I wanted to thank you for posting all of the excellent Kelly scans on your pages.

I've actually tried to post comments on your site, but for some reason, the Comments feature has consistently defeated me. For that reason, I wanted to let you know here, by email, how much your work and dedication have meant to me. If you have the time and energy to continue, then I have the gratitude and enthusiasm to keep visiting your fine contribution to Pogo fans everywhere.
Best wishes,
Mark Dillon


  1. My bad english is my bug.
    I am here every day.

  2. Very glad to have you every day. Thank you.