Monday, January 14, 2019


Today was another Sunday back in 1962. I remember '62 Sundays when I was a kid and enjoyed opening the funnies from the Rocky Mountain News AND the Denver Post. Unfortunately I hadn't started collecting Pogo yet, so no Sunday strip to show you today. 

I want to post something, so here's a bit of Kelly's bugdom that I applied some shading to. I think Kelly's bugs could have been a swell 'topper' like a lot of the older Sunday comics had. Annnnnd, it coulda been called 'Bugdom'. Of course that was a computer game later on, but anyway . . .

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  1. Just stumbled upon this again and it reminded me of Gus Dirks, brother of Rudolph Dirks. He had a sad life story, but was a great artist. His strip was called Bugville, that's why I thought of him. An image search is highly recommended for anyone who doesn't know him and is interested in early comic strip art.
    These Kelly-bugs are nice, too, the shading works well!