Thursday, January 3, 2019

The New Year will Demand New Attitudes!

Ah, some words to our current Congress . . . and a reference to JFK . . .

January 3, 1962


  1. How many of the 1962 comics were included in the books?

  2. Well, now, that's a good question, Jesse. I recognize some as I look ahead, but as always some are skipped from books. I wish I had time to explore that issue, but seeing as I don't, I just think it's fun to see the strips emanate as dailies, just as we might have seen them emanate from a newspaper at the time.

  3. Regarding the joke in the strip, you had to have been there.
    I wonder if these are being compiled for new books. That'd be nice.

    Glad to see you back.


    1. Eventually, all this stuff and more will be in the Fantagraphics volumes. I'm just impatient for new volumes.

  4. This sequence (I don't know yet how much edited) was in Deck Us All with Boston Charlie (1963), starting at p. 59 (chapter titled "T-Total Recall"). Don't let that stop you from posting them!

  5. "New Frontiers" was a political slogan of J.F. Kennedy's -- I'd guess from his inauguration in 1961, which would make it "old news" to Howland by January 1962.