Saturday, February 2, 2019

Get Under Somethin'!

February 1, 1962


  1. This sequence with Gormley isn't included in Deck Us All With Boston Charlie, unlike all the January 1962 strips. But Gormley does get included for a strip on Feb. 12 or so, when Miz Beaver is worrying whether anyone will notice Valentine's Day.

    Is Gormley the brother of Miz Groundhog or of the seldom-or-never-seen Mr. Groundhog?

    1. Oops, I mean Mr. and Miz Groun'chuck as the names of Grundoon's parents. Mr. Groun'hog is what Miz Beaver calls Gormley along about Feb. 12. (She also uses his first name.)

      Because of the different last names, I'd guess Gormley is the brother of Miz, not of Mr., Groun'chuck.

    2. This is even more confoozin' than I thunk. There's a scene in Beau Pogo, around Groun'hog day of 1959 or maybe 1960, where Grundoon's Ma approaches Albert for help because a Man-From-Mars is tryin' to capture Grundoon. And Albert calls her "Miz Groun'hog." That's 2 or 3 years afore this 1962 strip, an' Grundoon's family's name seems to of changed from Groun'chuck to Groun'hog.

      I dunno how or when that's s'posed to of happened, but mebbe it means Gormley is a relative on Grundoon's Pa's side of the family after all.

    3. A further note on the Groun'hog family:

      A strip from Feb. 2, 1960 has just been uploaded to the "I Go Pogo" Facebook group, showing Churchy knocking at a door labeled "Mr. + Miz Groun'hog." Miz Groun'hog comes to the door holding a pot of porridge in one hand and a child over her shoulder in the other. (Prob'ly too young to be Grundoon, and I'd guess it isn't Honey Bunny Ducky Downy etc. either.)

      After some preposterous dialog about whether Friday the 13th could ever fall on Groun'hog Day, she goes back inside, and we hear these voices through the window:

      He: Martha! Why'd you hit him with the porridge?

      She: You din't 'spect me to hit him with the child?

      So in 1960 Miz Groun'hog had:
      (a) a first name, Martha;
      (b) a husband known to be still around;
      (c) prob'ly a third child; and
      (d) an appearance that seems to me different from the way she looked in prior years, but somewhat similar to Gormley.