Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Such Critters of DEE-ceit

Miz Beaver . . . she's really love starved
February 12, 1962


  1. i've always wondered about the marriage and/or fidelity of the creatures of the swamp... miz beaver seems to fall in love with all the male characters, and all the male characters seem to fall in love with mams'elle hepzibah, who appears only to have eyes for pogo... or porky...

    1. Miz Beaver seems to be widowed or divorced; whenever a husband is mentioned he's always long gone. (In what I think was her very first appearance she was trailing a clutch of chillun, but I don't think they were ever seen again.)

      Possibly relevant to the state of the Rackety Coon marriage is a discovery reported by Rackety Coon Chile on June 1, 1951:

      RCC: I found a clutch of Pap's ol' love letters all in rhyme.

      Porkypine: You use 'em? In School? Whoosh!

      RCC: Yep, but they all started off awful monotonous.... "To my darlin' Lizzabellee..." Mmph, was Mam ever crisped up!

      Porky: Din't like her name bein' roused 'round a classroom, eh?

      RCC: No, I never did find out why she was mad ... Her name is Genevieve.

      (Kelly's mother's name was Genevieve. RCC's mother later appears as Julia in the Pandemonia sequence. I hope the letters are from before the Rackety Coons were married.)

  2. Oh, here we are at the chapter "The Ides of February" already (p. 97 in Deck Us All With Boston Charlie). The book has stuck in, before this, about 5 chapters that must originally have been published later. I think this happens in a lot of Pogo books.