Monday, February 25, 2019

More or Less Magnificent

On this date back in '62 'twas a Sunday. And NOW, thanks to our Friend-in-Kelly 'Hun', we can fill in the blanks with a semblance of Sunday strips derived from his collection of flotsam and jetsam of original art scans and less than perfect digital scans of old microfiche.

I've been derelict in not sharing previous Sundays from that collection for January and February. Should I do a post catching up with those for all you completists out there?

And, as always, thanks HUN, for your commitment to Kelly!

February 25, 1962


  1. Shades of the Riddle Game in The Hobbit!

  2. Please do!

  3. Thom, I forgot to answer your question in my previous comment. YES, please do post the rest of the Jan./Feb. Sundays!

  4. Just discovered belatedly that although this isn't in Deck Us All With Boston Charlie like many of the 1962 dailies, it's in the earlier book Instant Pogo (chapter called "Brain Washday").