Saturday, December 26, 2009

Adventures of Peter Wheat

We Walt Kelly fans received a wonderful Christmas present from fellow Kelly fan OtherEric. He recently took ownership of issue #33 of The Adventures of Peter Wheat and immediately freed it from that devilish encapsulating slab that has insidiously infiltrated the industry of imagination. And OtherEric very generously offered to let me premier his scans here (with my quick processing), before he posted them to join other great scans of his at Thanks OtherEric and Happy Holidays to you!

This 16 page promotional comic features characters created by Walt Kelly. This was a very successful promotion for the Peter Wheat Bread and Bakers Associates. The book was printed by the main headquarters and than sold to regional bakeries or stores who than had their names imprinted on the book. The book was published from 1948 until 1956. There are 66 known issues as well as several fun books in the series. The fun books contained puzzles and coloring pages. Walt Kelly set the tone for the promo and then worked on the first 35 issues. He also did several other giveaways and games for the company. (quoting Diamond Galleries)

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