Saturday, December 12, 2009

Just Imagine!

Good-gosh-o'malley, could a scene be any sweeter than panel 3? And of course there's the verse we're talking about, an early (maybe first) use from 1950.


  1. Oh my!! Porky's little stuffed animals around his table--
    thank you Thomas

  2. Thanks r/e, I'm glad someone appreciates that panel. In fact, thanks for commenting along the way. It gets lonely posting day after day without knowing if anyone's enjoying this stuff like I am. But I know YOU are. I know there's others out there too, and maybe they're shy or just have nothing to say, but I DO like hearing from folks.

  3. Nice one and I remember it well (its in the Fantagraphics collections). I aint the christmas celebrating kind (I'm just too cycnical about the whole thing these days) but here with all these seasonal strips, you walk away with a good feeling - Kelly sure had his heart in the right place.

    Anyway I've been catching up on your posts over the last two days and well...
    Thanks for sharing your collection with us and a Merry Merry Christmas to you Thomas.

  4. Kelly is a good will ambassador for all the ages.

    Thanks momo021, I know what you're saying. Merry Christmas to you too.