Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas 1964

This is the first Pogo daily that I clipped from the paper and saved, in '64, even though I'd been saving Pogo Sundays since sometime in '63. I guess this really caught my eye, being so different from boring strips on the rest of the page. The message didn't escape my attention either.


  1. Thom, you have been busy. I just finished catching up on the past 3 weeks of posts (oof!), and am feeling more festive. I still have fond memories of Mr. Lacy teaching the (rest of) the class TOOC on the last day before Christmas vacation, as we called it then, waaaay back in 7th grade.

    One question: Any idea what precipitated the change of the first line from "bless the master" to "bless the mother" some time between '57 and '64.

  2. One answer: I have no idea, but it was kinda sweet that he did.