Sunday, May 26, 2013


Here's another Kandi the Cave Kid by Kelly. Two different sets of scans showed up here, one from OtherEric and the other from Barry, both great friends of this blog. Each set had something different and better than the other, so I combined them in editing to come up with 4 pretty pages. Kelly has drawn quite a few monkeys, birds and dinosaurs over the years, and these are some of his earliest.

As I've said, some of the items that show up on Whirled of Kelly have been seen elsewhere on the net or in books at one time and place or another, but I want to have most all of Kelly's stuff to ultimately end up here on this site, and with high quality scans at that!

Thank you OtherEric and Barry!

Walt Kelly — Kandi — Looney Tunes #11 — September, 1942

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Where Is Everybody? Come Out, Don't Be Afraid!

Woosh, another Sunday comin' up over the horizon. 

And here's another Kandi strip by Kelly from a Looney Tunes issue, scanned by this blog's friend OtherEric, of the Digital Comic Museum, and lovingly shared with us Kelly fanatics. This is an early production for Kelly, with his style only barely formative. Yet it's charming art and worthy of archiving here. 

In fact OtherEric made a point in an email to me that even if certain Kelly stuff might be posted elsewhere, here we like to share BIG scans, and really ALL of Kelly's work belongs here since we've come this far with this much stuff. So be prepared, this blog is going to go on and on, even with stuff you may own or have seen elsewhere. 


Oh gosh, Eric, I don't remember which Looney Tunes isn this was.

Update from OtherEric:

This one is from Looney Tunes & Merry Melodies #15; it's the last Kandi story according to Overstreet. But I keep hoping there's one more story that I haven't tracked down since there wasn't one in issue 6, I figure the best candidates for that error are 7, 9, and 16.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

You Kin Smile an' Smile an' YET Be a Villain

Original art by Walt Kelly is wonderful to behold. Between the blue under-penciling and the lush inking (not to mention the art style itself, the joke, oh, and the lettering), each original is a joy to study.

Here are two such originals, courtesy of Richard Davidson, friend of this blog, who has sent over a number of items, and I'm just now getting around to these. More to come from Richard, as well as our other great friends who have sent over Kelly goodies.

Happy Sunday, Kelly Sunday!

 November 29, 1955

February 21, 1950

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Wince in a While

I am a horri-bobble person!

Here I've whet your appetite for some Kelly goodies, sent in by various Kelly aficionados, and I still haven't made time to edit them and get them out to you. It ain't no excuse that I'm trying like gangbusters to make a living, trying like goomble-bumbers to keep my little family happy, trying like the Dickens & Fenster to make everyone else happy. It jes' ain't no excuse. 

Not only do I not have any of that stuff ready, I (wincing look here on my part) have lost track of who all sent over the Kelly stuff. Y'see, I had to recently go through 3 computers jes' to get my business back up and running, and I had to back up files on several externals with literally a million files all jumbled up and out of any order. (wincing look again). Could you, my friends-in-Kelly who have sent stuff over and you haven't seen it posted yet, help remind me via email who sent what? (wince) I promise to start a whole new filing system that will keep it straight from now on. Really, I promise.

What shows below isn't all that rare to you Kelly aficionados, but it's awfully sweet and reminds us once again how Kelly made the comical books magical as well.

Walt Kelly — The Three Caballeros (inner back cover)