Sunday, January 27, 2013

Uncle Albert's Story Hour

I can't stay awake any longer, so I'm posting Sunday's strip on Saturday nite. This is the last of the current crop, with scans provided by DJ David B. It's so lovely to see these early strips in color. 

Next week, we'll head back to Pogo's later but still great days, with some strips from my collection.

February 3, 1952

Friday, January 25, 2013


WOW, wonderful sharing going on here. Mark Mayerson just now sent over jpegs of two more Story Book Records designed by Kelly. More and more it seems that Walt Kelly was one of the finest purveyors of fairy tale lore of the 20th century!

Thanks Mark!!!

Rare Kelly Gems

It is so wonderful that The Whirled of Kelly has brought together some of the greatest fans of the greatest cartoonist of the 20th century (my opinion, and maybe one or two of you as well). In coming together, some of you have shared such terrific treasures over many many posts.

Here now is another set of rare Kelly gems shared with us by Richard Davidson. In his words:

This is a set of Story Book Records circa 1946. According to an article in The Fort Mudge Most, June 1997, not much is known specifically about the company, but it may have been associated with Western Publishing, as it had the same address. There are two known sets and possibly more, each came with four records in illustrated paper sleeves and a color illustrated box. The reader on each record is Walt Kelly himself. The records are heavy cardboard with a thin clear vinyl coating pressed with record grooves. Most later record player needles just skate over the grooves making them difficult, if not impossible, to play.

Kelly, of course, is known for his love of fairy tales and here he adds another dimension by bringing his voice, as well as his art, to the literary form. Does anyone out there have digital recordings from these sets of records?


Sunday, January 20, 2013

Dragons Don't Go "Queerp!"

Kelly had a predilection for using character motifs throughout his whirled—in this case a dragon, showing up in various forms in his fairy tale comics. For years I read and reread this particular sequence in the black and white S&S reprint book, so it's a real treat to see it in newspaper color, again thanks to DJ David B.

I love the year 1952! Happy Sunday, Kelly Sunday!!!

January 27, 1952

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Pogo by Bursey Rimbitts

From that wonderful year, 1952, a fairy tale, in progress, in full color—courtesy of DJ David B. Happy Sunday, Kelly Sunday!

January 20, 1952

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Ugbert, Sam, Miguel, Otho, Waldo, Hilary, Herman

Good golly, 1952 was a good era for Pogo — the art superb, the dialogue spot on — and oh to see it all in color after all those years of loving it in black and white in the Simon & Schuster book. Thanks and ever thanks to DJ David B for sharing scans of this classic period—the golden age of Pogo, in my opinion.

And dig those menacing trees, in great fairy tale fashion.

panel detail

January 13, 1952

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Generous to a Fault

First offs, soo-prize! I ent gonna make you wait til Sunday, Kelly Sunday to gits a golden ol' Sunday strip.

Now, second, let me make myselfs perfectly clear . . . I loves the Fantagraphics Books volumes of the complete syndicated comic strips of Pogo (volume 2 now appearing at your local bookstores—yay), it's a magnifercent effort to bring us the totality of Pogo like we nevers seen afore. Okay, the color may be a little pale and/or too clean, but it's put together with love, which of course Kelly dee-serves.

SO, if'n you have the second volume of the complete syndicated comic strips of Pogo, published by Fantagraphics Books, the next few posts are no soo-prize, story-wise. But note—these are the tabloid versions, standin' straight and tall, bursting with rich color from real newsprint, coming to you via DJ David B, with edits by moi—ALso put together with love, which Kelly so richly dee-serves.

If you're a fan of the best cartoonist in history, GO FORTH, buy the complete syndicated comic strips of Pogo, volume 2, subtitled Bona Fide Balderdash, published by Fantagraphics Books. It is worth your time and money. But also stay 'tooned here, cuz these gen-you-wine strips are also worth your time and they is complete FREE.

Thank you, one and all, and may you all be blessed with a bona-fried happy new year!

January 6, 1952