Thursday, May 29, 2014

Illustrated by Walter Kelly

Ahem. Thank you gentlemen who have commented recently (are there no vocal ladies of the female women-types who treasure Kelly?) about their desire to see this blog continue.  

I would be sad to step away from this effort of love. Therefore, I will endeavor to continue demonstrating that love of all things Kelly...I just can't promise that the posts will be as regular as they have tried to be, but it sounds like the vocal Friends-of-Kelly are Oh-Kay with that. Someone has suggested that perhaps I make this blog by invitation only—to those that have spoken up of their love of Kelly's genius. Hmm. Still, my hope has been to keep Kelly's spirit alive by inspiring new followers of his work. 

Remember that I intend showcasing ALL things Kelly — such as this very early effort by Kelly that originally was intended for the Sunday supplements, but ended up being archived in one of the very earliest comic books, somewhat before that fellow from Krypton started throwing his weight around.

Yes, I Go Pogo, but I also shout above the digital tumult:

New Comics #2, January 1936

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Stuck with Me 'til the Last Bite of Liverwurst

Finally entering the storyline is the brick-throwing cat, Butch. 

Have you ever uttered words that you thought no one had paid attention to, but later were quoted, so as to cause you embarrassment? Such it is for Beauregard from this strip to next weeks' Sunday strip.

Image-editing these strips is becoming more and more time-consuming, but I will stay on the task as long as I can. I'm losing interest in blogging and the internet in general, and I'm laid up with an injury sustained while on a photography assignment—so who knows how much longer I'll keep the Whirled of Kelly spinning. I only hear from some half-dozen of y'all at any given time (bless you guys), so the motivation to continue is waning. 

We shall see, we shall see . . . 

August 3, 1969

Sunday, May 18, 2014

All Big Fishes Get Away

A lot of us love the slapstick antics of the swamp guys, the bombastic behavior of Albert, the bickering brotherhood of Howland and Churchy, the booms and blasts of fireworks and explosions that punctuate Kelly's story lines. But sometimes enough is enough of that stuff and we can use a little breather of quietude. 

Right in the middle of the brick-throwin' cat episode, Kelly gives us this sweet interlude with Pogo and the Rackety Coon chile, hinting that Pogo might make a great father if he wasn't so dogbone shy around female folk.

Next week's strip picks right up from last week's.

July 27, 1969

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Org Org GooBlazz

Yes, the story moves forward . . . in its own Kelly way . . .

July 20, 1969

Sunday, May 4, 2014

A Migrant Willie The Wisp

And the story yet wanders on. Happy Sunday, Kelly Sunday!

July 13, 1969

Saturday, May 3, 2014


Many artists have been influenced by Walt Kelly—his style, his humor, his unique way of telling a story—but none more so than one of our Friends-in-Kelly, 'Alimentary'. 

Alimentary takes his pseudonym from an early Kelly character that wandered off from the storyline—a little alligator that was a brother or a cousin or something to Alabaster, Albert's nephew.

ANYway, 'Alimentary' is getting ready to premiere a comic that takes its styling from the very early Pogo comics when Albert was carnivorous, as alligators tend to be. As this preview graphic indicates, you can check it out in a couple of days at