Sunday, May 25, 2014

Stuck with Me 'til the Last Bite of Liverwurst

Finally entering the storyline is the brick-throwing cat, Butch. 

Have you ever uttered words that you thought no one had paid attention to, but later were quoted, so as to cause you embarrassment? Such it is for Beauregard from this strip to next weeks' Sunday strip.

Image-editing these strips is becoming more and more time-consuming, but I will stay on the task as long as I can. I'm losing interest in blogging and the internet in general, and I'm laid up with an injury sustained while on a photography assignment—so who knows how much longer I'll keep the Whirled of Kelly spinning. I only hear from some half-dozen of y'all at any given time (bless you guys), so the motivation to continue is waning. 

We shall see, we shall see . . . 

August 3, 1969


  1. Thom,
    I know that I am cutting myself by expressing my total agreement with your frustration at the lack of response to your efforts spent on this blog .("Remember what I said earlier..."). All the time I was wondering about when the last straw would break the camel's back.


    PS. The situation being as it is I don't feel in the mood for commenting at the content of the strip, but just want to again express my sincere thanks to you

  2. I'm entirely sympathetic as to the workload of refurbishing a Sunday newspaper syndicated comic. You don't realize how much work is put into comics until you sit down and do them yourself and realize all the little rules and regulations, let alone the simple fact that a good sunday is basically 3 dailies, usually with more detail, plus color, linked into a run. Then you add in the fact you have to plan for the masthead row getting cropped, and possible deal with the middle row 2 panel dropping for tabloids. I can easily say that my day job is easier than being a cartoonist, though it's decidedly less rewarding than creating art.

    I don't think any of us would begrudge you if you took some time off to slow the pace down to recover your energies. Please only do what you feel you are comfortable with, as what you do is a kind service to us all who peruse this blog. I for one am grateful for the work you put in, and it was this blog that eventually lead to my own blooming into a cartoonist.

    - GG, formally (A).

  3. First off, thank you very much for all your hard work and efforts in publishing this blog. I read it every week and have been doing so for many years. I certainly appreciate how much time and effort is involved and sometimes it can seem overwhelming particularly if you think that no one is out there and no one appreciates your efforts. I have no first hand knowledge of you site traffic but I suspect that you have more than a few regular readers. Those of us that are regulars truly appreciate these weekly posts. Keep up the good work, we all hope you feel better soon. One last thought. In life, it is a rare gift to be able to create wonderful memories for others. Walt Kelly was blessed with that gift. And you sir, have personally worked to pass that gift along, which in itself is a gift.

  4. Dear Thom,

    I would like to beg, beseech, implore, even command you to continue your wonderful work for at least ten more ever-lovin’ blue-eyed years. On the other hand, I often wondered already how you manage to keep up this time-consuming clean-up-job. It must take hours, even if you’re an expert. I think you should post a raw scan once in a while, to male the readers more conscious of what you’re doing.
    Of course, I realized that you wouldn’t go on indefinitely - but only because your stock of sunday strips will run out one day. And I would sorely miss you - not only the weekly Pogo-dose but also your insighhtful comments.

    So please keep up the good work as long as you can, even if only for us half-dozen! And of course I wish you a speedy recovery.

    Frits van der Waa

  5. Oh No!
    Keep on fighting guy.
    I don't speak very much but i 'm always looking for you every sunday.

  6. I very much appreciate what you do, here!

  7. Thom,

    I haven't commented too much the last few weeks, due to a combination of pressures related to law school finals and a particularly unpleasant bout of depression. But I have been checking in every week, and your Herculean efforts at restoring these works of art have brought much-needed joy to my life, week after week. As I've said, I'm too young to have read these strips when they were originally published, but being able to wake up to them every Sunday takes me back to my childhood when my dad would read me the Doyle & Sternecky revival in a ridickleworst dialect. And (as I've also said), this arc is one of my all-time favorites, and it's glorious to see it in full color for the first time, as expertly rendered and restored by your skill. Beauregard is one of Kelly's most expressive characters, and his contortions in this strip are such a joy. I'm looking at this on my phone right now, and even on this tiny screen I can see the care that you put in to each panel. i can't wait to view it on a screen that does it full justice.

    . I'm grateful for every week you continue to bless us with these gifts, but of course there would be no resentment if you decided to stop. This is a labor of love, and if you ever find your love of Kelly diminishing due to the burden of this blog, that's the time to get out.

    Oh, and sorry to hear about your injury. I hope your recovery is speedy!


  8. I enjoy your work. I really do, and I certainly appreciate the efforts you go through to clean up the strips, the Peter Wheats, and other assorted treasures you've passed on to us.

    However, there is a reason I don't post many comments. If I cannot contribute something intelligent to the conversation, I keep my mouth shut. I can appreciate and marvel at the work of Mr. Kelly and you. What I can't do is post something for the sake of posting.

    If you need a break, please take one. But please be aware that we'll be waiting for your return.

    Thanks for everything!

    1. Myself, I'd rather make a silly comment AND AT THE SAME TIME THANK the man than just enjoy silently without showing my appreciation


  9. Count me as someone who enjoys your blog! :)

    Thanks for the hard work.

  10. As long as you keep scanning and posting these, I'll keep enjoying them. Been meaning to thank you. Guess I should do so more reg'lar like. So here goes:
    Thank you!

  11. Dear Thom,
    Sorry to hear about all these complications in your working life and with your health.
    We all wish you a good and prompt betterment with your injury.
    Of course, your health and your work have the higher priority.
    But let me tell you how a lot of people deeply and tenderly and fondly and most admiringly care about your (two) Kelly blogs.
    It is deeply professional. And at the same time wildly entertaining. Highly artistically interesting.
    There's nothing like it in the whole field of print-comics critics and studies.
    Why IDW, Fantagraphics, Classic Comics Press, Le Lombard, and Dupuis haven't made you collection publisher and art director, as well as restaurastion chief-engineer, is beyondthe understanding of anyone with functionning eyes.

    We don't always write comments. And we surely don't thank you half as enough. That's a old rule of communication with media that satisfied, even enthusiastic, readers do not write to the editors.
    But we do care and do need our regular dose of Kelly presentation, restauration and explaning by you.

    A thousand thanks, Thom!

  12. Considering Thom actually met Kelly - which very few of us can lay claim to, and to some degree is a part of the story itself, it's hard to imagine anyone else being a more suitable curator - it's an ever diminishing pool. The closest I ever got was possibly vague memories of his last Sundays. And with the official site still in "Closed for Repairs", we're practically looking at the last lighthouse of active online awareness and community around this particular artist. I think you've quite frankly hit that note.

  13. Holy mermaid cow! You guys are inspiring me!

    Long Live Kelly!

  14. The half-page version at
    Keep up the Good Work Thomas.
    You are more appreciated than you know
    and a lot of us have failed to express that.