Sunday, October 26, 2014

A-Hem and A-Haw!

Well, hi there!

Things have been exceedingly busy around here, hence my absence, but I've finally had a chance to look through my Pogo archives to discover a stash within the stash of Sundays that apparently haven't been posted yet. 

I double checked against a list that our friend Hun has compiled of Whirled of Kelly published posts, so it looks like this post and some of the posts to come will fill in some gaps in the chronological continuity.

I actually thought I had already posted these, but I think it's because many of Kelly's "talking heads" strips are so similar to each other, distinguished mostly by different dialogue.

Didja miss me? Or rather, didja miss Pogo Sundays? 

Happy Sunday, Kelly Sunday!

February 28, 1965