Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Go Home Lunk

Of course, Kelly was a survivor of sorts of the Great Disney Strike.

March 16, 1965

All Gobbled About

Once again, I beg your indulgence of having Pogo strips that are barely art edited. As a kid, collecting these strips, I trimmed them way into Kelly's trademark hand-drawn borders and pasted them into a scrapbook. I just can't spare the time to make them digitally archival. But again, they are strips you won't see for a long time from Fantagraphics (if at all, it seems).

March 15, 1965

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Today's the Thirteenth!

I posted this strip sometime somewhere in the past, but posting again here to keep in continuity with the current short run of dailies.

Fifty-one years ago today.

March 13, 1965

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Us Potential Victims

Sorry I'm slowing down on posting here. For one thing, I really am close to exhausting my stash of Pogo Sundays that I clipped from the paper from 1963 through 1973. You've seen a LOT of Pogo Sundays between 3 of my blogs. A LOT. The other thing is that I'm in a very busy time of my art career, which is amazing, but it too is exhausting . . . ME!

So, I'm not giving up here, just slowing down and prepping non-Sunday Kelly material. So hang in there all you Kelly-holics. Good stuff is yet to come. Here, I'm going to start a little run of dailies from 1965 that way back then I pasted into a scrapbook album. I trimmed the edges too close and it's dingy newsprint, but still it's Kelly that you prolly haven't seen. This first one is from 51 years ago TODAY! I'll post the rest of the short run as I can, and we'll go from there.

Look at that $#!%-eatin' grin on Owl's face!

March 12, 1965