Sunday, February 23, 2014

Oh, Mamie Minded Mama . . .

This strip is more like it, Kelly-wise. And the Okefenokee has a Globe cool is that!

This is the last of the arc that I have lined up, so next week we're on to something else. I'm not sure if I have the strips following this one...I would think I have...but I'm too lazy to go through my stacks to check. Lazy, tired, pooped, of those things. I'm going to bed.

Happy Sunday, Kelly Sunday! LLK! And a top of the morning to you, Hun! And hey to A! And cheers to Craig! I appreciate you guys and all the other Pogo-holics!

May 21, 1972

Sunday, February 16, 2014

World Champeen Polluters

This Sunday strip seems, to me, to be a sign of spiraling in toward the end of the Kelly era. With still a year to go, there would yet be good strips ahead, including next week's. There's nothing majorly wrong with this strip, but you can see that either 1) Kelly didn't have his heart in it, or 2) that an assistant had a hand it this (possibly Selby?). The renderings of Albert and Beauregard are 'off' just a bit, and the message is heavy-handed without funny dialogue.

I'm not complaining, but just pointing it out, from my POV.

May 14, 1972

Sunday, February 9, 2014

True Blueness and Cerulean Elegantics

We have a couple more weeks of junk chunkin' antics, then we move on to something else. It's a good thing these boys are such good friends, seein' as how they treat each other.

Hey Hun! That reference term you asked about? "Menacing Joie de Vivre".

Hey! Has anyone seen hard evidence of Fantagraphics' volume 3 coming out? I've been saving an Amazon gift card since Christmas just for that very tome.

May 7, 1972

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Smokin' Up a Hoo-ricane

I can't believe it's another Sunday already, and a ground hoggish day at that. I think I ran out of Sunday Groundhog strips long ago, so I'll just keep on keeping on with the current sequence. Hmm, no, I may have one more ground hog day bit, but I think it's part of a longer sequence. We'll get around to that eventually.

So happy GHD! And happy Sunday, Kelly Sunday! And LLK!

April 30, 1972